The most kitchen companies want that you buy the whole kitchen including the worktop, appliances, kitchen accessories and fitting
With the Cozbamo concept there is no obligation to buy the whole kitchen

We specialized ourselves in designing kitchens and delivering high-quality kitchen cabinets for the lowest price possible 

With our nearly 30 years experience in the kitchen business we of course can also help you with supplying the other 4 kitchen elements (worktop, appliances, kitchen accessoires and fitting). We work with the best professionals and brands in the market

We can keep the final price of your kitchen very low because we took out all not-necessary business costs

For instance we save the costs of a showroom, which we don´t have. To save transport costs we deliver kitchen cabinets directly from the factory to your house (than there is no extra storage and handling costs of your kitchen) 

The buying of a new kitchen exists of 5 elements:
# 1. Kitchen cabinets
# 2. Worktop
# 3. Appliances
# 4. Kitchen accessories
# 5. Fitting

Making for you a Cozbamo quotation we will ask you for the first impression which items you want us to calculate for you. Of course you can always ask us to calculate more or less


Under here the items that you can ask us to calculate for you:

A. The kitchen cabinets including delivery directly from the factory to your house

B. The kitchen cabinets delivered first to a warehouse. The final delivery of your kitchen cabinets will be done on the date that you want it 

C. To calculate for you your worktop by one of our supplying partners

D. To calculate  for you your appliances by one of our supplying partners

E. To calculate for you the kitchen accessories by one of our supplying partners

F. To calculate for you that one of our service supplying partners will fit your kitchen

Depending of  what you finally want us to deliver, we coordinate the whole kitchen buying and -fitting process for you, so that you have a great kitchen experience which you will enjoy for years to come

If you buy the kitchen accessories, worktop and the appliances by our colleagues and you organize the fitting of the kitchen yourself, we will even so help you to coordinate as much as possible the process so you either way finally will have a kitchen that makes you happy

It is for us very important to give you in any case the best kitchen experience

Try us and make a free appointment without any obligation. We come to you on the time that it is convenient for you. Also in the evening, no problem
Happy customers are our best ambassadors!

Element 1: Kitchen cabinets

Our kitchens are "Made in Germany"

German kitchens are famous for their best quality and the always containing of the newest techniques. Our kitchens have standard Soft-Closing in the drawers and hinges

Our kitchen cabinets are already assembled in the factory, so fitting is easy, like building with Lego..

The doors have already the necessary handle-drilling-holes in it, so that you only have the screw the handles on the doors

For free you can choose the visible sides of your kitchen
For free you can choose from a big program of handles
For free you can choose the color of the plinths

All the cabinets are specially made-for-measure to create your perfect kitchen

The cabinets are also made that all your kitchen appliances will fit seamles

Element 2: Worktop

Kitchen worktops can be delivered in several materials

Worktops, bar tops or back panels in laminate we can calculate and deliver directly from the kitchen factory, together with the kitchen cabinets

Our worktop partners deliver all the worktop surfaces available in the market. For instance:

# Granite

# Marble

# Quartz 
(Quartz is a compound made up of approximately 94% natural quartz, which make it extraordinarily hard and resilient. It is an excellent surface for kitchen worktops, bathrooms, floors and wall cladding)

# Wood

# Glass

# Stainless steel

Element 3: Appliances

Our appliances partners deliver all the kitchen appliances brands that are available in the market

Some of these brands are for instance:

Element 4: Accessories

Our kichen accessories partners deliver the newest accessories available in the market

Some of these products are for instance:
Waste bins in all shapes and size

Top brands of sinks and taps

Unique products as a vacuum cleaner built in the plinth of the kitchen

Special lights to built on top of a worktop that includes sockets, but also a USB portals for a computer or mobile phone

Element 5: Fitting

Our partners in fitting our kitchens are experienced and fitted already hundreds of kitchens

A kitchen fitter is very important for the complete kitchen experience. He basically extends the good experience that a customer has on the moment that he/she bought the kitchen







Another view on customers. That is the starting point that Cozbamo uses in the kitchen industry of today. Another look on customers and therefore also on showrooms, affordability and service. We put customer satisfaction first, which establishes a new approach: personal kitchen advice in your home environment. According to us the perfect starting point for a choice that determines your kitchen pleasure for many years to come. Having all the materials with us for your future kitchen, your house is our showroom. Therefore our "showrooms" in the future can also be found in Cristoval, Faro and all and all the other cities in Portugal that lie in between. This saves money. Because no showroom, that makes a difference