Our shop system is a hands-on system. Because of the often complexity of the products we sell, such as for example high-end design kitchens or complete bedroom interiors, you have your own contact person to handle your order and answering your possible questions and remarks


We are specialists with a nearly 30 years experience, where we want to point out that we are happy with any order.. Very small or very big. The effort we will put in our work will always be the same, because we know from experience that when you are happy with an order from us, you will promote us to your family and friends


In our shop system you can buy high-end, complicated products or more simple products from our suppliers for a fixed price delivered directly to your house or project in Portugal or our other markets


The fixed price is the price for the product you want to buy with separate specified the transport costs from the factory of our suppliers to your house or project


Therefore you can also buy for instance a complete kitchen or parts from a kitchen or complete interiors of for instance one bed.. Anything is possible


After you placed and paid the order you will receive from us an order confirmation with specified the products and the transport cost, together with the delivery week when the items will be delivered to your location